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Compact, lightweight and powerful.

Up to 30% less effort compared to stranded cable cutters of the same length.

Double-grooved through-joint for high stability.

Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened. Hardness of cutting edges approx. 64 HRC.

Comfortable working due to opening spring.

Protected by ratchet during transport.

Bearing steel.

Model 95 62 160 :

For stranded wire Ø 4.00 / 1960 Nmm.

Model 95 62 160 TC :

Specially optimized for precise cutting of tire wires, stranded wires up to Ø 2 mm and cables up to Ø 2 mm.

Ergonomic thanks to its lightweight design and practical opening limitation.

Knipex Wire Rope Scissors 95 62 160

SKU: K9562160TC
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