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New automations in Gas Station signs

Price liberalization at Ecuador's gas stations has presented a challenge for gas station owners and operators. With the need to constantly change prices, gas station cartels face a complicated situation that requires an effective solution.

In response to this problem, DGM has developed an innovative solution that allows gas stations to update and change prices quickly and efficiently. Our solution not only facilitates price management, but also provides an attractive visual presentation for customers.

Below, we share some images of our solution in action. As you can see, the interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing gas station operators to make price changes with just a few clicks. This not only saves time and effort, but also ensures that prices are accurate and always up to date.

In addition, our solution also offers the flexibility to display special promotions, discounts and offers, which can help attract more customers and increase sales.

At DGM, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that address current market needs and deliver tangible benefits to our customers. We are committed to continuing to innovate and look for ways to improve efficiency and profitability in different industries, including gas stations.

If you are interested in learning more about our solution for gas stations in Ecuador, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share more details and discuss how our solution can benefit your business.

In short, price liberation at gas stations in Ecuador no longer has to be a complicated problem. With DGM's solution, gas station owners and operators can manage prices efficiently and attractively, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional service to their customers.


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